Body depilation

One of the problems which all women have is hair. There are many ways of removing the hair but the most efficient are depilation by wax and sugar paste. In both cases the hair is pulled out from its root and in such a way it is removed for a longer period.

By this way of depilation, warm wax enters follicles and completely pulls out hair from its root. After the treatment, the hair starts to grow after 14 days. Depilation should be repeated once a week. By depilation the hair is becoming scarce and much thinner.

Egyptian depilation (depilation by sugar paste) is ideal for those who react badly to all other ways of depilation. The paste is completely natural mixture of sugar with a little bit of lemon acid (which at the same time makes a mild skin peeling) and water. Depilation by sugar is one of the oldest methods of hair removal. The hair is pulled out in the direction of its growth and in such a manner not only that hair is pulled out from its root and does not break, but the result of depilation is longer. It is specially recommended for the depilation of sensitive facial skin, groins and armpits, as well as for people who suffer from psoriasis or eczema on the parts of the body which are being treated.