Let our professionals take care of beauty and health of your hands and feet, who will be extremely carefull about hygienic conditions.

A client sits on a massage chair, which massages the back, and at the same time soakes feet in the warm water basin, Jacuzzi and chromotherapy and so relaxing for about 15 minutes.

The treatment of medical pedicure means treatment of all the problems which we can have on our feet, and it is done by a professional person who uses high quality medical cosmetics in the pleasant and relaxing environment. The feet problems which we treat are:

  • cornes,
  • callus,
  • thickened skin,
  • rough skin on the heals,
  • problems with ingrown toenails,
  • diabetic foot,
  • Athlete’s foot…

Manicure consist of shaping the nails, pushing the cuticle and if necessary, clipping it at some places. Then the nails are filed with three different files. With the fisrt one the surface layer of the nail is gently removed, after that a file which makes the surface of the nail smooth and finally a file for high gloss is used in order to get glossy nails. Then your nails are ready for nail polish.

It is efficient and very simple; paraffin bath has become base for hand care and regeneration. The pores are opened in warm and relaxing bath, so the skin easily absorbes active beneficial substance from paraffin, circulation is stimulated and thus successfully working against rheumatic and arthritic pains.

Paraffin bath is used for intensive care, moistening, stimulation and deep cleansing of hads and feet. It is specially recommended to people who have dry and tired skin, people who have a lot of contact with chemicals and water. Paraffin bath is, because of its heat, very beneficial in reducing rheumatic and arthritic problems.

Treatment begins with peeling of hands after which nourishing mask is applied, and then the hands are soaked in pleasantly warm paraffin. The hands are wrapped with transparent foil on which we put freezing gloves. Under the gloves, the paraffin is cooling for about 15 minutes. While cooling in the cold gloves, paraffin releases active substances into the skin, acting terapeuthicly. After the treatment, the skin on the hands is extremely smooth, soft and very rejuvenated.

Paraffin bath, of course, is a treatment which can be used for feet, too. Doctors recommend it to people suffering from diabetes, as the treatment which prevents tissue death.

A corn is a formation which occurs in deeper layers of foot skin, mostly caused by big pressure on specific places on the foot.

They are result of:

  1. excessive weight
  2. inadequate shoes
  3. foot deformities

On the surface of a corn, on the outer layer of the skin, we always find callus which covers it. According to its looks, position, shape, as well as frequency of occurance, we recognise seven types of corns, while according to intensity of pain they can be painless up to the very painful ones. Treatment for corns is done by mechanical removal and in such way the problem is solved. It is extremely important that this is done by a professional pedicurist because of the wide range of corns; all corns are not treated in the same way. By unprofessional removal of corns, additional problems with feet may occur. Due to the sircumstances of occurence of corns, which we in most cases cannot eliminate, corns have tendency to occur agin. Because of that, periodical pedicure treatments are absolutely necessary and inevitable, in order to allow feet to walk without limitation and pain.

Calluses on a foot mean hyperkeratosis or thickening of the horny layer of the skin which are very precisely limited mainly on the knuckles of toes as well as on the outer edge of the foot. Calluses can be painful, and in case when they are not removed on time, it is a great possibility that under them a corn will be formed. Calluses are removed by mechanical skalpel technique. People who suffer from diabetes should have regular visits to a pedicurist. Only by a joint action, a patient, a doctor and the pedicurist can keep feet under control and prevent, i.e. discover diabetic foot syndrom early enough. A foot with disrupted functional integrity. At each fourth patient a diabetic foot syndrome will be developed.

Causes of diabetic foot syndrome:

  1. neuropathya – nerve damage
  2. angiopathy – blood vessels damage
  3. local immune processes

When a nail plate thrusts into the surrounding tissue, it means that we have got an ingrown toenail. The causes may be improper cutting of the nail, narrow shoes as well as damage to the nail itself. The ingrown toenail should be regularly cut because if not done on time, inflammation of all the surrounding tissue can occur.

The ingrown toenail implies a full range of problems, mostly on the thumb of a foot. In such cases we have the following picture: sore, frequently manure and ichorous tissue around the nail plate while the nail plate is thrusted into the tissue. The problems which cause and contribute the state of the ingrown toenail are so intensive that we can call them a state of a desease, with a reason.

Nails are a part of fashionable look, a perfect addition to your look, they can show how fashionable and
pampered you are, or not. OPI (nail care products industry) has created the best natural long-lasting
nail finish-shellac. Permanent nail polish applied the same was as nail polish, every layer is drying under the UV light
and in short time, the client will leave the salon with a perfectly manicured and colored nails that do not
need additional drying time. When applying permanent nail polish, your own nail is not being filed, only a base is
applied and top coat that holds the color stable. You can definitely have perfectly neat nails with no
peeling or chipping, only a perfect strong color from 3 -4 weeks, depending on how fast your own nails

Before it is being used, the nails should be designed and their surface degreasedi. Then, the basic polish is used and the hand is put into the UV lamp. After that, two layers of polish are applied, colour to your choice, and again the nails are put into UV lamp. To finish, a transparent finishing layer is applied, to obtain gloss. Permanent nail polish lasts from two weeks up to one month, depending of the quality of your natural nails.

It is extremely good service for the clients who have not got enough time for often polishin and drying. The permanent nail polish is applied in thin layers and because of that, it looks very natural and is exclusively used on the natural nails. It is dried under the UV lamp and can last up to 2 or 3 weeks.

LIFT UP GEL - innovative solution for ingrown nails

Lift Up is a professional UV/LED gel system for straightening ingrown nails.

Lift Up provides pedicurists with the most painless and aesthetically acceptable solution for painful, curved nails, with visible results already after the first application.

Lift Up is a three-phase gel system that can be applied with varnish/permanent varnish and is invisible on the nail. There are 3 different preparations that adapt to each nail, depending on its thickness and degree of curvature, and a preparation that prevents the regrowth of the nail, i.e. keeps it in a straightened state.

After the first application, Lift Up “widens” the nail already by 2 mm, providing immediate relief from ingrown nails, whether on hands or feet.

The Lift Up system allows you to start the therapy of ingrown nails already in the summer, without losing the aesthetics of the nails, i.e. without visible splints, with immediate pain relief and with beautiful painted nails.