Body massage

Massage has been used for centuries. It is the oldest form of treatment. People by instinct rub the painful parts of their body and doing this, they themselves reduce pain and swelling. There are various types of massages which are used nowadays and are done manually or by an instrument. Among manual massages the most used is classical medical massage which can be partial, meaning that only one part of a body is being massaged, mostly back, and the massage of the whole body. By the partial massage the back muscles are relaxed so the pain on the painful parts of the body caused by incorrect posture, sitting or standing, is reduced. Sports manual massage helps with minor problems caused by sports activities.

Medical massage is done in order to relieve problems caused by back /legs pian or tonus of the body muscles. By a sequence of movements we achieve relaxation of the whole body and stress release. The muscle tension is diminished and the circulation of the treated part of the body is improved. The skin is deeply nourished and the surface looks more tighten. By medical massage we solve migeliosys problem (a buildup of lactic acids) which builds up around the muscles and presses the blood vessels and in such a way causes headaches, stiffness, bad circulation and pain.

Sports massage applies firmer pressure than the medical massage; it is based on, not only muscles
but also on ligaments in order to regenerate them more efficiently and faster. By sporst massage some minor muscle injuries can be cured. Pain and muscle cramps are relieved, muscles are heated before sports activities, and muscles are stretched and relaxed.

Goal of this massage is to relax the body and deeply nourish the skin. We use different essential oils which are mixed with the basic oil. Tha massage helps in detoxication of the body and with cellulite problems.

Anti-cellulie massage is very efficient in elimination of cellulite. Its goal is to improve the peripherall microcirculation, splitting the fat deposits and removing the excess fluid and toxins by lymphatic system. By fast and firm movements we stimulate the subcutaneous connective tissue and circulation. We speed up metabolism and thus it has deep effect on cellulite. Subcutanous tissue becomes stronger and skin tightens and its surface becomes smooth.

Lymph is colourless liquid which circuits through the body by lymph vessels and lymph nodes. In some cases blockage in the lymphatic circulation may occur. Lymph vessels have got an important role in the immune system. Manual lymphatic drainage is done by mild movements and pressure on the body and lasts 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending of the part of the body which is being treated. It is effective in the removal of excess fluid in the connecting tissue thus enabling the supply of oxygen to cells.

This is a unique massage technique by volcanic stones which have the ability to release the heat slowly. The massage has got extreme effect of drainage and discharge of harmful substances from the body. It has got beneficial effect against stress, tension and muscle stifness, bad circulation, back pain and insomnia.

A special method of suctioning out the air from the glass, which creates the desired sub-pressure which
results in localized hyperemic marks on the skin, which is a mark of widening of small blood vessels or
improved circulation. It stimulates the fluid exchange, improves lymph drainage, relaxes tense muscles,
and reduces pain in problem area.
Which are benefits of cupping?
Even though cupping does not help lose weight, it definitely improves the appearance of cellulite and
tightening of affected areas. With repeated use, it helps the reduction of appearance of orange peel on
the skin, leaving the skin youthful and tighter. Cupping treatment can leave bruises on the skin that lasts
several days.

Natural sculpting, contouring and face lifting, holistic anti-aging treatment for a face that glows with its
authentic natural look. Whether you want to maintain and refresh the natural look of your face, or you
would like full rejuvenation with non-invasive face lifting with long-term effects, this revolutionary
method is the right choice. Everything is done manually and is completely natural. The method is unique
because it consists of the treatments on the surface of the skin, but also the treatment from the inside
of the oral cavity. The treatment combines osteopathic and cranial methods and deep tissue massage,
that produces in impressive results. Upper muscle area and deeper areas of muscles are stimulated. The
treatment is very specific and requires an intensive focus and concentration of the therapist. It removes
deep tension inside of the face and neck, stimulates lymph drainage, which in turn stimulates
production of natural collagen, improves facial muscle tone, contours and lifts the facial profile, smooths
wrinkles and fine lines, prevents and decreases appearance of wrinkles, reduces swelling and dark
circles around eyes, improves skin texture, helps to decrease tension and emotional strain, caused by
long-term stress. The results area visible after first treatment, however, you will need repeated visits, as
assessed ta your first visit -depending on your skin type. For best results, we recommend a package of 6,
8, or 10 treatments in regular intervals.

Madero therapy is a type of massage using anatomical wood rollers. It originates from Columbia in 90s,
but not as an anti-cellulite treatment because Latinas do not have problems with cellulite as Western
women. More than cellulite they are affected with reduced skin elasticity related to their body type. The
perfection of Madero therapy as a method to improve skin elasticity and body shaping led to
improvements of lymph system functioning and improved circulation, as well as elimination of toxins and
excess water from the body thus effectively reducing cellulite. That is, the primary goal of Madero therapy
is body shaping and improving skin elasticity, and cellulite reduction is an added bonus. During treatment,
the lymph system is being stimulated with rhythmical repeated movements going in one direction towards
lymph nodes. This activates metabolism and the body starts to eliminate excess fluid and toxins on its
own. The first treatment is like a miracle. Madero therapy uses specifically shaped wooden elements
whose role is to break apart and remove cellulite and layers of fat along with toxins in the body. When
toxins are flushed out, the metabolism is stimulated to burn off fat cells and shape the body, this method
is not recommended to persons with enlarged blood vessels.