Today’s conditions of life set for men high criteria for facial and body care. As teenagers they confront themselves with acne and blackheads. In our salon they can make faical cleansing, body cleansing, back cleansing and radio-frequencies, and all that under the regular supervision and control. The problem with unwanted exess of hair we resolve with depilation. We provide service of hand and foot care and solve ingrown toenails and corns’ problems. We solve pain and stress problems with massages. Skin tightening, weight loss and problems with men’s breasts; we successfully fight with loose skin on stomach, skin on thr lower eye lid and on chin. The modern way of life leaves traces on men’s body; lethal combination of additives and hormones result with changes of male figure.

In the last 20 years we can see increase of the number of men with problems of fat tissue on the chest and hips. These problems can be successfully solved by diet and exrecise so they are used in many cosmetic methods. The problem with loose skin and exess skin is successfully solved, because in treatments we target the critical points. Throughuot the years the discomfort of male clients coming to our salon has dropped; men come to our salon full of confidence expecting the professional and effective service. Well cared-of and fresh look today slowly becomes a part of general culture, and if we believe that the first impression about a person is made in the first 20 seconds, it becomes a rule that men take care how their faces and bodies look like. A businessman, regardless of his way of life, has got the need to refresh his face, to tighten a wrinkle and get rid of loose skin under his eyes. In our salon we have got a lot of satisified male clients under 30 yrs of age and those of 70 yrs. who have refreshed and rejuvenated their faces and removed traces of tiredness. Prepare your skin for sun and summer without alergies and with nicer colour and complexion in our turbo solarium.

By this way of depilation, warm wax enters follicles and completely pulls out hair from its root. After the treatment, the hair starts to grow after 14 days. Depilation should be repeated once a week. By depilation the hair is becoming scarce and much thinner.

Egyptian depilation (depilation by sugar paste) is ideal for those who react badly to all other ways of depilation. The paste is completely natural mixture of sugar with a little bit of lemon acid (which at the same time makes a mild skin peeling) and water. Depilation by sugar is one of the oldest methods of hair removal. The hair is pulled out in the direction of its growth and in such a manner not only that hair is pulled out from its root and does not break, but the result of depilation is longer. It is specially recommended for the depilation of sensitive facial skin, groins and armpits, as well as for people who suffer from psoriasis or eczema on the parts of the body which are being treated.

A client sits on a massage chair, which massages the back, and at the same time soakes feet in the warm water basin, Jacuzzi and chromotherapy and so relaxing for about 15 minutes.

The treatment of medical pedicure means treatment of all the problems which we can have on our feet, and it is done by a professional person who uses high quality medical cosmetics in the pleasant and relaxing environment. The feet problems which we treat are:

  • cornes,
  • callus,
  • thickened skin,
  • rough skin on the heals,
  • problems with ingrown toenails,
  • diabetic foot,
  • Athlete’s foot…

Manicure consist of shaping the nails, pushing the cuticle and if necessary, clipping it at some places. Then the nails are filed with three different files. With the fisrt one the surface layer of the nail is gently removed, after that a file which makes the surface of the nail smooth and finally a file for high gloss is used in order to get glossy nails. Then your nails are ready for nail polish.

It is efficient and very simple; paraffin bath has become base for hand care and regeneration. The pores are opened in warm and relaxing bath, so the skin easily absorbes active beneficial substance from paraffin, circulation is stimulated and thus successfully working against rheumatic and arthritic pains.

Paraffin bath is used for intensive care, moistening, stimulation and deep cleansing of hads and feet. It is specially recommended to people who have dry and tired skin, people who have a lot of contact with chemicals and water. Paraffin bath is, because of its heat, very beneficial in reducing rheumatic and arthritic problems.

Treatment begins with peeling of hands after which nourishing mask is applied, and then the hands are soaked in pleasantly warm paraffin. The hands are wrapped with transparent foil on which we put freezing gloves. Under the gloves, the paraffin is cooling for about 15 minutes. While cooling in the cold gloves, paraffin releases active substances into the skin, acting terapeuthicly. After the treatment, the skin on the hands is extremely smooth, soft and very rejuvenated.

Paraffin bath, of course, is a treatment which can be used for feet, too. Doctors recommend it to people suffering from diabetes, as the treatment which prevents tissue death.

A corn is a formation which occurs in deeper layers of foot skin, mostly caused by big pressure on specific places on the foot.

They are result of:

  1. excessive weight
  2. inadequate shoes
  3. foot deformities

On the surface of a corn, on the outer layer of the skin, we always find callus which covers it. According to its looks, position, shape, as well as frequency of occurance, we recognise seven types of corns, while according to intensity of pain they can be painless up to the very painful ones. Treatment for corns is done by mechanical removal and in such way the problem is solved. It is extremely important that this is done by a professional pedicurist because of the wide range of corns; all corns are not treated in the same way. By unprofessional removal of corns, additional problems with feet may occur. Due to the sircumstances of occurence of corns, which we in most cases cannot eliminate, corns have tendency to occur agin. Because of that, periodical pedicure treatments are absolutely necessary and inevitable, in order to allow feet to walk without limitation and pain.

Calluses on a foot mean hyperkeratosis or thickening of the horny layer of the skin which are very precisely limited mainly on the knuckles of toes as well as on the outer edge of the foot. Calluses can be painful, and in case when they are not removed on time, it is a great possibility that under them a corn will be formed. Calluses are removed by mechanical skalpel technique. People who suffer from diabetes should have regular visits to a pedicurist. Only by a joint action, a patient, a doctor and the pedicurist can keep feet under control and prevent, i.e. discover diabetic foot syndrom early enough. A foot with disrupted functional integrity. At each fourth patient a diabetic foot syndrome will be developed.

Causes of diabetic foot syndrome:

  1. neuropathya – nerve damage
  2. angiopathy – blood vessels damage
  3. local immune processes

When a nail plate thrusts into the surrounding tissue, it means that we have got an ingrown toenail. The causes may be improper cutting of the nail, narrow shoes as well as damage to the nail itself. The ingrown toenail should be regularly cut because if not done on time, inflammation of all the surrounding tissue can occur.

The ingrown toenail implies a full range of problems, mostly on the thumb of a foot. In such cases we have the following picture: sore, frequently manure and ichorous tissue around the nail plate while the nail plate is thrusted into the tissue. The problems which cause and contribute the state of the ingrown toenail are so intensive that we can call them a state of a desease, with a reason.

The method of ultrasound cavitation enables a loss of 2-5 centimeters immediately after the first treatment, and further treatments additionally reduce the amount of fat at the part of the body which is being treated. The best results are seen on the stomach, nates, inside and outside tighs and arms. One treatment lasts for about 30 minutes and is done once a week. The procedure is painless, does not request recovery and does not leave scars, so the clinet can immediately go back to his/hers everyday activities.

This fast and painless treatment increases throughput of fat cells from which fat acids pass to lymphatic and urinary system by which they are afterwords discharged from the organism. To avoid heating of the skin by ultrasound, the head of this appliance which is used cools the skin and enables the use of ultrasound of lower power. During the 30 minutes treatment, all the parts where we want to reduce fatty deposits are treated. We apply gel on these parts of the skin, in order to improve conductivity of the treatment ball. Vibration of the ultrasound breaks the fatty cells exactly on the desired depth under the skin, i.e releases the fatty acids which are therein deposited, without damaging other tissues, blood vessel and nerves. The fat from the treated fat tissues decompose into glycerol and simple fatty acids. Glycerol, which is soluble in water, infiltrates into the circulation and is used for energy, and the unsoluble fatty acids decompose in the liver as well as all the other fats which we take by our food. After the cavitation treatment, it is necessary to make a lymphatic drenaige by radio-waves or a manual one, in order to eliminate, by limpha, released toxins from the body as soon as possible.

Having in mind that an organism needs time to process and eliminate fatty acids, a lap between two treatments should be at least 4 days. Most frequently 5 treatments are needed, but the results usually can be seen already after the first one.

This treatment is for those people who want to get rid of cellulite and hardened fatty deposits, but doing this, it is necessary to change the life style which has helped the body to this stage. On the contrary, it is possible to have a treatment each month and a half to keep up the achieved result. Because of the extraordinary efficiency of this treatement, it is possible to get the effect of “excess skin” because of the sudden loss of significant amount of the fatty tissue. In our salon, we tighten the loose skin by rf method – rado-waves which is, unlike in other salons, included in the price of the treatment.

What do I have to know about cavitation?

Among the most popular treatments for elimination of cellulite and localized fatty deposits, is cavitation. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure which represents alternative liposuction. The ultrasound waves of a certain frequency act on fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue, causing their decomposition and spilling into intracellular space, as well as the further decomposition and discharge from the body by methabolic procedures. In only half an hour, how long usually the treatment lasts, you can loose between 2 and 5 centimeters of the volume of the required region and irretrievably! It seems too simple and easy to be the truth?! By this treatment you will not loose excess wait because it is meant for people of the average wait, who in spite of regular exercising and diets cannot get rid of stubborn areas of fat.

It is important to mention that a part of decomposed fat circulates through the body and if it is not consumed by some aerobic activity, new fat deposits can be formed on some other parts of the body?! Do not be mistaken, you neither can avoid exercise, nor can enjoy sweets and fast food, because in such a way you block the achieved effect. Doctors, in general, are against this treatment because of its negative influence, as the decomposed fat cells in form of triglycerids go to blood and liver, and if not “consumed” can lead to functional disoreder of liver or kidneys. That is why it is important to note that after the treatment of cavitation, and obligatory lymphatic drainage (which will help the decomposed fats “leave” the organism), increased activity must follow (aerobic activity, jogging or fast walking), light food with the minimum input of carbohydrates, and at least about 2 liters of water daily.

And only by such approach we can expect the promised results.

It is not recommended to pregnant women, the women who are nursing, people with heart problems, people with pacemakers or metal implantants, as well as to people with a high level of cholesterol and triglycerds in blood.

The treatment lasts: cavitation 30 minutes + radio-waves 40 minutes.

Radio-waves are used for tightening of face and body, by a method where the radio-waves produce heat energy. During the treatment, collagen fibres are heated and then they shrink and the effect of this is tightening of skin and wrinkles. The input of heat speeds up the methabolism of cells which produce collagen. Also, radiofrequency has a good effect on removal of fat deposits, cellulite and improves the skin tonus. The facial treatment is used for rejuvenation, regeneration of damaged skin and reducing the wrinkles. The result can be seen already after the first treatment. As far as the body is concerned it is used, apart for thightening of skin, for fat melting. The treatment is not recommended to pregnant women and people with varicose veins and capillaries.

Duration of the treatment is according to agreement with a professional (depends on skin condition)

Lipox is a treatment for weight losss with AC activator. It contains active ingredients which speed up water exchange and consumption of fat in organism. The ingredients which are used are: caffeine, theophylin and guarana, combined with heating in a thermo blanket. The heat stimulates circulation and methabolic processes and decomposes the excess of fatty depostis on the body. After sweating in the thermo blanket, the body is massaged with lipox oil, which also heats the skin and so melts fat tissue, tightens the skin end activates deep nourishing.

The treatment lasts: thermo blanket 30 – 40 minutes + body massage 60 minutes

A treatment during which a product (cream) is applied and then the parts of the body are wrapped in plastic foil in order to stimulate active effect of the previously used product. After some time, the skin slightly sweats and because of that the pores open in order to absorb the product deeper into the skin. The result of the treatment is reduced cellulite and the subcoutaneous deposits. The skin is smooth and strong and looks fresher.

The treatment lasts 60 minutes

By a thermo blanket with heaters we get the effect of a sauna and stimulate natural detoxication of the organism. Thermo blanket stimulates the pores to open, microcirculation and sweating, and by sweating we stimulate the elimination of toxins from deeper layres of tissue; the sweat being without smell and colorless, the amount of toxins in the body is smaller.

Duration of the treatment: 30 – 40 minutes

Low-frequency puls current will stimulate the muscels to vibrate and tighten, which leeds to desintegration of large amount of fat cells. Electrodes set up on certain points will speed up metabolism by weak bionic electrical current, stimulating sensory nerve endings in epidermis; in such a way they will make loose skin smooth and elastic. Blood circulation will be accelerated, and the muscles relaxed, after the treatment of the body with microelectricity.

Depending on the chosen programme we achieve different results, so:

  1. Low frequency effect the fat cells and diminishes the amount of fat in fat cells, resulting by weight loss. It is suitable for all parts of the body.
  2. The programme for deep weight loss makes fat to move from the deep layer. It is suitable for deep layer of fat.
  3. Muscle exercise for weight loss. Suitable for muscle which looks like bee-hive and has got excellent results in skin tightening.
  4. A continuous wave for improvement of the lymph circulation and reduction of amount of fat in fat cells. Suitable for blocked lymph circulation followed by obvious detoxifying effect.
  5. A puls wave for muscle relaxation and improvement of the movement of fat.

Elektrostimulation of muscles is ideal supplement to cavitation and the other weight loss treatments because by it we tighten the skin and make muscles more firm, and it can be a sort of replacement for classical exercise.

Contraindications (the treatement by this appliance is not allowed for the following group of people):

  1. People who have pacemakers.
  2. People who suffer from heart conditions.
  3. Pregnant women

The word gynecomastia comes from the Greek word ‘Gyne’ which means
‘women-like breasts’. Gynecomastia is a benign enlargement of men’s breast that
is caused by hypertrophy or increase of the gland parenchyma of the breasts and
accumulation of layers of sub-cutaneous fat tissue. Gynecomastia sometimes can
even cause a secretion of small amount of milky discharge. Statistically, one out of
three men younger than 4o suffers from a certain degree of gynecomastia; and
over the age of 50 almost half of the men have enlarged breasts. The treatment
for gynecomastia is performed by a trained professional with lots of experience.

Medical massage is done in order to relieve problems caused by back /legs pian or tonus of the body muscles. By a sequence of movements we achieve relaxation of the whole body and stress release. The muscle tension is diminished and the circulation of the treated part of the body is improved. The skin is deeply nourished and the surface looks more tighten. By medical massage we solve migeliosys problem (a buildup of lactic acids) which builds up around the muscles and presses the blood vessels and in such a way causes headaches, stiffness, bad circulation and pain.

Sports massage applies firmer pressure than the medical massage; it is based on, not only muscles
but also on ligaments in order to regenerate them more efficiently and faster. By sporst massage some minor muscle injuries can be cured. Pain and muscle cramps are relieved, muscles are heated before sports activities, and muscles are stretched and relaxed.

Goal of this massage is to relax the body and deeply nourish the skin. We use different essential oils which are mixed with the basic oil. Tha massage helps in detoxication of the body and with cellulite problems.

Anti-cellulie massage is very efficient in elimination of cellulite. Its goal is to improve the peripherall microcirculation, splitting the fat deposits and removing the excess fluid and toxins by lymphatic system. By fast and firm movements we stimulate the subcutaneous connective tissue and circulation. We speed up metabolism and thus it has deep effect on cellulite. Subcutanous tissue becomes stronger and skin tightens and its surface becomes smooth.

Lymph is colourless liquid which circuits through the body by lymph vessels and lymph nodes. In some cases blockage in the lymphatic circulation may occur. Lymph vessels have got an important role in the immune system. Manual lymphatic drainage is done by mild movements and pressure on the body and lasts 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending of the part of the body which is being treated. It is effective in the removal of excess fluid in the connecting tissue thus enabling the supply of oxygen to cells.

This is a unique massage technique by volcanic stones which have the ability to release the heat slowly. The massage has got extreme effect of drainage and discharge of harmful substances from the body. It has got beneficial effect against stress, tension and muscle stifness, bad circulation, back pain and insomnia.

In case of vertical solariums we should allocate their spacious interior which prevents contact of the body with the surface of the cabin, thus enabling the highest level of hygiene, which is not negligible. The cabins are designed in such a way that all the parts of the body are completely exposed to the rays in order to achieve uniformity and consistency of sun tenning. Apart from that, in almost each vertical sloraium you have the opportunity to relax listening to some known music which will help you to sooth your stay in the closed space.

Solariums evenly sun bathe the whole body and with about 10 min. of sun tenning one gets beautiful bronze colour. Sun bathing stimulates production of vitamin D and during winter time sun bathing is desirable for people who have problems with bones, rheumatic problems, skin problems (acne, psoriasis).

Considering the modern days, due to our way of life and other reasons, we don’t expose ourselves to sun as we did before, we are encouraged to use “the artificial sun” or solarium. UV-B RADIATION is directed to the lower layers of the surface layers, towards pigment cells and melanocytes. At the same time with the phenomenon, making and shaping of pigmented substances starts. Melanin is in the shape of small pigment granules. Melanin-pigments, after of 2-5 days of sun bathing, travel to the top layer of the skin. The light skin makes melanin in lesser extent, so the skin turns less brown. UV-A radiation makes oxydizing compound with oxygen from the blood. This is how the light and colorless melanin-pigments are colored.