In case of vertical solariums we should allocate their spacious interior which prevents contact of the body with the surface of the cabin, thus enabling the highest level of hygiene, which is not negligible. The cabins are designed in such a way that all the parts of the body are completely exposed to the rays in order to achieve uniformity and consistency of sun tenning. Apart from that, in almost each vertical sloraium you have the opportunity to relax listening to some known music which will help you to sooth your stay in the closed space.

Solariums evenly sun bathe the whole body and with about 10 min. of sun tenning one gets beautiful bronze colour. Sun bathing stimulates production of vitamin D and during winter time sun bathing is desirable for people who have problems with bones, rheumatic problems, skin problems (acne, psoriasis).

Considering the modern days, due to our way of life and other reasons, we don’t expose ourselves to sun as we did before, we are encouraged to use “the artificial sun” or solarium. UV-B RADIATION is directed to the lower layers of the surface layers, towards pigment cells and melanocytes. At the same time with the phenomenon, making and shaping of pigmented substances starts. Melanin is in the shape of small pigment granules. Melanin-pigments, after of 2-5 days of sun bathing, travel to the top layer of the skin. The light skin makes melanin in lesser extent, so the skin turns less brown. UV-A radiation makes oxydizing compound with oxygen from the blood. This is how the light and colorless melanin-pigments are colored.

Collagen lamps for renovation and regeneration of the damaged skin

Benefits from a collagen lamp:

  1. making of new collagen skin
  2. visible Anti-aging effect
  3. reduction of lines and wrinkles (specially around eyes, mouth and neck)
  4. improvement of elasticity, firmness and flexibility of skin
  5. stimulation of regeneration of skin cells
  6. making skin firm again (prevents the occurrence of cellulite)
  7. improvement of skin posisibility to absorb and store moisture
  8. increasement of oxygen input
  9. renovation of collagen and elastic fibres
  10. activates mineral methabolism of skin
  11. helps the skin to remain smooth and fresh
  12. no negative side effects
  13. painless

The rules for using solarium

  1. remove all the makeup before sun bathing
  2. make a peeling before going to solarium in order to remove all dead cells from the body
  3. with the professional staff, try to determine how many minutes is recommended for you under the UV rays
  4. use sunglasses
  5. if you feel weak during the sun bathing, stop it immediately
  6. after the sun bathing use a moisturizing cream and try not to expose yourself to sun that day
  7. sun bathe again after 48 hours