Massage packages
Massage package to your choice five 4 + 1 free
Radiowaves packages
Facial radiowaves 50 min 400,00 kn
Body radiowaves 60 min four 1.800,00 kn
Microdermabrasion packages
Facial microdermmabrasion five 1.600,00 kn
Microdermabrasion of back five 1.600,00 kn
Lipox (bacon) treatment for weight loss
Body peeling ten 2.200,00 kn
Thermo blanket ten
Massage with lipox oil 60 min ten
Anticellulite package 1
Body peeling ten 700,00 kn
Anticellulite massage ten
Anticellulite package 2
Anticellulite massage 30 min ten 1.200,00 kn
Vacuum 15 min ten