Modern technology provides us with wide range of possibilities as far as the improvement is concerned. Sometimes we need refreshment of complexion which can efficiently be achieved by a combination of flash programme of radio-waves and ultrasound. Also, it is possible to treat more intensely, deep and shallow wrinkles on the skin which has lost its tonus; as far as the body is concerned it is possible to tighten the skin on the upper arm, flabby stomach, tighs and cellulite on all the parts of the body. At weight loss treatment as well as the other treatments, free consultations are obligatory (i.e. talking about food); also concerning cavitation which is very efficient way of loosing weight, weighing before and after the treatment is obligatory. After loosing weight, the skin remains tight because each cavitation treatment includes radio-wave treatment in order to restore tonus and strenght. It is all the same if you just want to glow for a special occasion or to solve a problem like an acne scar, aging or loosing wait, we are here for you to engage ourselves maximally and with your approval find the best programme, because in our salon we have an individual approach to each client, a man or a woman, and adjust the way of treatment or appliances. We are not scared of serious problems with neither overweight and loose skin, nor breast or stomach enlargement at men, because at the end it is our pleasure and because we love our work.

The staff of the Aqua salon

The method of ultrasound cavitation enables a loss of 2-5 centimeters immediately after the first treatment, and further treatments additionally reduce the amount of fat at the part of the body which is being treated. The best results are seen on the stomach, nates, inside and outside tighs and arms. One treatment lasts for about 30 minutes and is done once a week. The procedure is painless, does not request recovery and does not leave scars, so the clinet can immediately go back to his/hers everyday activities.

This fast and painless treatment increases throughput of fat cells from which fat acids pass to lymphatic and urinary system by which they are afterwords discharged from the organism. To avoid heating of the skin by ultrasound, the head of this appliance which is used cools the skin and enables the use of ultrasound of lower power. During the 30 minutes treatment, all the parts where we want to reduce fatty deposits are treated. We apply gel on these parts of the skin, in order to improve conductivity of the treatment ball. Vibration of the ultrasound breaks the fatty cells exactly on the desired depth under the skin, i.e releases the fatty acids which are therein deposited, without damaging other tissues, blood vessel and nerves. The fat from the treated fat tissues decompose into glycerol and simple fatty acids. Glycerol, which is soluble in water, infiltrates into the circulation and is used for energy, and the unsoluble fatty acids decompose in the liver as well as all the other fats which we take by our food. After the cavitation treatment, it is necessary to make a lymphatic drenaige by radio-waves or a manual one, in order to eliminate, by limpha, released toxins from the body as soon as possible.

Having in mind that an organism needs time to process and eliminate fatty acids, a lap between two treatments should be at least 4 days. Most frequently 5 treatments are needed, but the results usually can be seen already after the first one.

This treatment is for those people who want to get rid of cellulite and hardened fatty deposits, but doing this, it is necessary to change the life style which has helped the body to this stage. On the contrary, it is possible to have a treatment each month and a half to keep up the achieved result. Because of the extraordinary efficiency of this treatement, it is possible to get the effect of “excess skin” because of the sudden loss of significant amount of the fatty tissue. In our salon, we tighten the loose skin by rf method – rado-waves which is, unlike in other salons, included in the price of the treatment.

What do I have to know about cavitation?

Among the most popular treatments for elimination of cellulite and localized fatty deposits, is cavitation. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure which represents alternative liposuction. The ultrasound waves of a certain frequency act on fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue, causing their decomposition and spilling into intracellular space, as well as the further decomposition and discharge from the body by methabolic procedures. In only half an hour, how long usually the treatment lasts, you can loose between 2 and 5 centimeters of the volume of the required region and irretrievably! It seems too simple and easy to be the truth?! By this treatment you will not loose excess wait because it is meant for people of the average wait, who in spite of regular exercising and diets cannot get rid of stubborn areas of fat.

It is important to mention that a part of decomposed fat circulates through the body and if it is not consumed by some aerobic activity, new fat deposits can be formed on some other parts of the body?! Do not be mistaken, you neither can avoid exercise, nor can enjoy sweets and fast food, because in such a way you block the achieved effect. Doctors, in general, are against this treatment because of its negative influence, as the decomposed fat cells in form of triglycerids go to blood and liver, and if not “consumed” can lead to functional disoreder of liver or kidneys. That is why it is important to note that after the treatment of cavitation, and obligatory lymphatic drainage (which will help the decomposed fats “leave” the organism), increased activity must follow (aerobic activity, jogging or fast walking), light food with the minimum input of carbohydrates, and at least about 2 liters of water daily.

And only by such approach we can expect the promised results.

It is not recommended to pregnant women, the women who are nursing, people with heart problems, people with pacemakers or metal implantants, as well as to people with a high level of cholesterol and triglycerds in blood.

The treatment lasts: cavitation 30 minutes + radio-waves 40 minutes.

A perfect body is a nicely shaped body without fat and celulite, framed by a firm and smooth skin. To achieve this synergy, a new technology has been created, which merges lypolisis, vacuum RF laser, tri-polar and bi-polar radio frequency. A phenomenon of cavitation has been in use for decades in medicine, with the most recent use in beauty treatments.

Due to its low density, fat tissue reacts to ultrasound vawes of low frequency by shattering fat cells. (So far, the frequency used was 40 KHz). This is a classic form of cavitation used in the device. This modern technology adapts even lower frequency of 28 KHz, combined with mono polar frequeancy- or lypolysis. As such, it is very effective for resistant fat tissue. It results in reduction of fat layers in the treated areas (2-6 cm).

The range of results is affected by metabolic capability of the liver and lymph system dynamic, which are the systems that help the metabolism of fat (liver) and excretion from the body (Lymph system). An ideal solution has been found to accelerate these processes by the use of tri-polar radio frequency and vacuum RF laser. Due to its powerful impact on the production of collagen, these technologies have been an addition to lypolysis to produce a tighter skin.

Radio-waves are used for tightening of face and body, by a method where the radio-waves produce heat energy. During the treatment, collagen fibres are heated and then they shrink and the effect of this is tightening of skin and wrinkles. The input of heat speeds up the methabolism of cells which produce collagen. Also, radiofrequency has a good effect on removal of fat deposits, cellulite and improves the skin tonus. The facial treatment is used for rejuvenation, regeneration of damaged skin and reducing the wrinkles. The result can be seen already after the first treatment. As far as the body is concerned it is used, apart for thightening of skin, for fat melting. The treatment is not recommended to pregnant women and people with varicose veins and capillaries.

Duration of the treatment is according to agreement with a professional (depends on skin condition)

Infrared Thermal Treatment

Helps lose weight, firms up skin and cellulite, relaxes sore and tired muscles, arms and legs and helps detoxify the body. During treatment, your sweat glands expel harmful substances from your body, burning of up to 600 calories per treatment. IRT mimics a sauna, as well as reduces fatigue and slows down the growth of cancerous cells.

Vacuum treatment

Using a suction-creating applicator, a circular fold is formed on the skin, which increases elasticity of the connective tissue and expanding of the capillaries. This draws the cellulite closer to the skin surface and speeds up overall circulation in the treated area, which improves blood circulation and oxygen saturation. Increased elasticity of the connective tissue improves circulation of lymph which, in turn, reduces water retention and eliminates harmful substances from the body. This treatment improves the forming of collagen and reduces the levels of fat in the body. The result is a sculpted body and smooth skin.

Lipox is a treatment for weight losss with AC activator. It contains active ingredients which speed up water exchange and consumption of fat in organism. The ingredients which are used are: caffeine, theophylin and guarana, combined with heating in a thermo blanket. The heat stimulates circulation and methabolic processes and decomposes the excess of fatty depostis on the body. After sweating in the thermo blanket, the body is massaged with lipox oil, which also heats the skin and so melts fat tissue, tightens the skin end activates deep nourishing.

The treatment lasts: thermo blanket 30 – 40 minutes + body massage 60 minutes

A treatment during which a product (cream) is applied and then the parts of the body are wrapped in plastic foil in order to stimulate active effect of the previously used product. After some time, the skin slightly sweats and because of that the pores open in order to absorb the product deeper into the skin. The result of the treatment is reduced cellulite and the subcoutaneous deposits. The skin is smooth and strong and looks fresher.

The treatment lasts 60 minutes

By a thermo blanket with heaters we get the effect of a sauna and stimulate natural detoxication of the organism. Thermo blanket stimulates the pores to open, microcirculation and sweating, and by sweating we stimulate the elimination of toxins from deeper layres of tissue; the sweat being without smell and colorless, the amount of toxins in the body is smaller.

Duration of the treatment: 30 – 40 minutes

Low-frequency puls current will stimulate the muscels to vibrate and tighten, which leeds to desintegration of large amount of fat cells. Electrodes set up on certain points will speed up metabolism by weak bionic electrical current, stimulating sensory nerve endings in epidermis; in such a way they will make loose skin smooth and elastic. Blood circulation will be accelerated, and the muscles relaxed, after the treatment of the body with microelectricity.

Depending of the chosen treatment, we can accomplish various results:

  1. Circulation and drainage treatment -it improves the circulation of blood and lymph, cleanses toxins and unhealthy substances from bodily fluids. The program works for clients who suffer from swolen legs, bloating and excessive volume in thighs and legs.
  2. Intensive weight loss -this program stimulates various muscle groups at a higher level, with the goal of weight loss, by increasing oxygen consumption which burns more calories and fat.
  3. Intensive exercise – this program stimulates nerves and muscles which are unused, which is equivalent to running and intensive sit-up exercises.
  4. Fitness exercise – this program encourages more muscle involvement, vigorous and intensive exercise, resulting in improved muscle tone and shape.
  5. Breast augmentation -speeds up blood and hormone circulation from deep tissue areas towards the outer blood vessels in epidermis. It distributes larger quantities of estrogen and blood which brings nutrients and improves growth of cells in breast tissue. The program is designed for women with smaller breast and those who have circulation problems.
  6. Breast building – this program uses high pulsation, with the goal of increasing the pressure in capilllaries, by stimulating the nerves which control the circulation. The result is an improved flow of nutrients, hormons and oxygen. The program is used for sagging breasts after pregnancy and for women who would like to increase breast size.
  7. Breast lifting- this program strengthens breasts, improves their flexibility and lifts them. It stimulates main muscles in the chest area, targets capillaries and nerves in dermis, as well as increases hydration and distribution of nutrients and oxygen.
  8. Toning -this program trains the muscles containing a large network of nerves activated by exercise, which are sensitive to over-stimulation. Also, it is intended for weak back muscles and post-pregnancy treatment of abdominal muscles.
  9. Pain relief -this program is a safe, non-invasive method of pain treatment. It soothes pain by sending electric impulses by electrodes placed on the skin above nerves, which blocks the feeling of pain.

Radiofrequency applies heat to the tissue by using electrical current formed
between two electrodes (applicator and referential electrode). The voltage
between the electrodes quickly changes from positive to negative and
intermittently attracts and repels electrons and charged ions. The natural
resistance of the tissue to the movement (impedance) creates heat which results
in vasodilation, improved metabolism, improved muscle tone, elasticised tissues,
as wells as activation of fibroblasts and creation of new collagen. The skin
appearance, color and tone are improved, thus making the skin become tighter,
smooth, with reduced appearance of damage and wrinkled. The skin on the neck
is less vascularised that facial skin so it is more prone to early aging and wrinkle
forming. The additional cause of wrinkles in neck area is the large muscle of the
neck, called platysma. When contracting, platysma pulls on the skin on the neck,
forming vertical and diagonal neck wrinkles.

After having a baby, many women will have a noticeable excess skin in stomach
area, which is extremely hard or impossible to get rid of, despite exercise and
watching your diet. It is a myth that the excess skin will disappear on its own or
that exercise will help on its own. Unfortunately, none of the above will help, and
the excess skin will not disappear on its own. The excess skin on the stomach is
caused by stretching of the skin during pregnancy. Radiofrequency is a controlled
application of heat to sub-cutaneous area which improves inter-cellular
metabolism, improves muscle tone and tissue elasticity, as well as activation of
fibroblasts and production of new collagen. It removes cellulite and smaller
pockets of fat, removes stretch marks and tone the skin.

HIFU is a high intensity focused ultrasound that directly targets skin and subcutaneous
tissues with thermal energy which can stimulate and rejuvenate collagen in the skin and
improve texture thus reducing wrinkle appearance. This literally contributes to face
lifting without invasive surgical procedures or injections. As a matter of fact, HIFU works
on the principle of directing energy waves with controlled energy aimed into the skin and
are accumulated into precisely determined depth in the skin (from 1.5, 3.0 to 4.5 mm) to
achieve the lifting effect.
-complete removal of forehead wrinkles
-eyebrow lift up to 3-4 mm (upper lid lift)
-reduced or complete removal of eye wrinkles
-reduction of enlarged pores

-firming up and lifting of cheeks
-reduction and removal of nasolabial lines
-neck lifting
-chin lifting
-décolleté lifting
-post-pregnancy tummy tuck
-upper arm, thighs and butt lift
Starts with skin cleansing, followed by contouring of face or body based on the pre-
planned scheme, device settings are adjusted, and appropriate attachment is selected.
A generous amount of gel is applied to the treated area which will enable for a
comfortable treatment. After the treatment a soothing care is applied.
The caution is needed in case of
-persons with permanent implants in the treated area will not be suitable candidates
-recent hyaluronic or Botox treatment in the area
-Malignant growth in the treated areas
-Pacemaker or metal implant in treated areas
-Facial paralysis
-Pregnant or nursing women
-Patients with epilepsy
-Patients with diabetes
After the treatment it is recommend to stay away from sunlight for at least 24 hours and
avoid sauna for at least 2 weeks.


You’re only 30 minutes and 36,000 muscle contractions away from perfect muscle tone and desired figure.

30 minutes spent on the Tesla machine = 5.5 hours spent in the gym

New in the Aqua salon

The most powerful device in its class – Tesla Body Sculpt, the unprecedented 13.7 Tesla 5,000 W, 5 applicators and a radio frequency that additionally melts fat deposits and tightens the skin.
Did you know: one treatment with the Tesla machine equals 5,5 hours spent in the gym. Lying down relaxed, you will build muscle and reduce fat by 36,000 body muscle contractions in 30 minutes.
Muscles make up about 35% of the body, and most weight loss devices on the market only target fat but not muscle. Tesla uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic field) technology and focused unipolar radiofrequency to build muscle mass and permanently destroy fat cells. It stimulates muscles by continuously expanding and contracting them to achieve extreme high-frequency training: this type of contraction cannot be achieved by regular exercise.
Radiofrequency releases heat that burns fat, warms up muscles improving circulation and speeding up the metabolism, while maintaining a comfortable feeling of temperature during treatment.
The 30-minute treatment induces 36 thousand strong muscle contractions, which help fat cells to metabolize and disintegrate.
During one treatment, two or four applicators can be used to tone the buttocks, define the arms, tighten the thighs, and straighten the abdomen. The device is non-invasive, safe and painless, there is no radiation and no side effects.
You can actually lose weight and tighten your muscles by simply lying down and relaxing.

Anticelullite massage is very effective in elimination of cellulite. Its goal is to improve peripheral microcirculation and dissolving of fat deposits and taking out the exess of liquid and toxins by lymphatic system. By fast and firm monvements we stimulate subcutaneous conneting tissue and so stimulate the circulation. Metabolism is faster and so it is acting thoroughly on cellulite. The subcutaneous tissue becomes stronger and skin is becoming thighter and smoother on its surface.

Duration of the treatment: 30 minutes

Anticellulite massage with vacuum we start by heating the skin with vacuum and sucking up the cellulite from deeper layers of skin to the skin surface, where we prepare it for manual removal by anticellulite massage.

This type of massage we perform affects the tissue up to several centimeters subcutaneously thus resulting with release of toxins and improving the blood circulation as well as the circulation of lymph.

The treatment is done two to three times a week, 10 -15 visits (vacuum 15 minutes + anticellulite massage 30 miutes).

Visibility of results depends on the level of development of cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage with machines is a medical-cosmetic treatment that improves the dissolution of
cellulite, reduction of body mass, better vascularization of tissue and reduction of swelling. Lymphatic
drainage leads to better balance of fluids in the body and improvement of general health because lymph
which is -a colorless liquid that consists of plasma and white blood cells whose role is to adhere to
cancerous cells, substances and microbes- thus expelling them from the body.
Lymph circulates through lymph nodes whose role is to cleanse the lymph from bacteria by circulating
throughout the whole body. Lymph drainage machine works using the principle of intermittent pressure
therapy applied to cuffs filled with air in pre-programmed intervals. The massage of the limbs is based
on the compression of cuffs filled with air. Every cuff is made of several separate air chambers which are
filled by air in pre-programmed intervals, depending on the patient’s diagnosis. Gradual waves of
pressurized air are formed and upon the end of cycle, the air deflates. The treated area has a sensation
of relief and comfort.
The inflation of air creates pressure to treated areas which pushes accumulated inter-cellular fluid back
to the blood circulation system. This reduces the volume of hips and waist and creates the balance of
the movement of nutritional substances and oxygen, improves circulation and prevents vein
inflammation, especially for persons who spend long time sitting at work.
You are a candidate for lymph drainage if you have poor circulation, especially in legs, butt and
abdominal area; if you tend to accumulate metabolic waste; if your legs swell; if you have cellulite
accumulation in your skin and subcutaneous areas; if you have new or worsened widening of veins.
The benefits of using lymph drainage machines
It is a physio therapy method that focuses on the treatment of swelling, pain and as a preventative
-the body is not loaded with medication
-the use of pressure therapy helps the healing processes in the body
-it is an integral part of modern rehabilitation methods and regenerative care
-the use of machines for lymph drainage is more effective than manual method, as there is no room for
errors with the use of machines.